[OpenBIOS] FCode on an embedded Leon-Sparc system

Rolf Schroedter Rolf at Rolf-Schroedter.de
Tue Sep 19 21:16:37 CEST 2006

For a scientific space project I'm thinking about including an FCode 
interpreter into the onboard software.
The target system is a Leon3 processor (Sparc-V8) in FPGA with serial 
port(s), spacewire and a few other interfaces.
I'm able to compile & run bare C applications (gcc cross-compiler), so 
it seems to me that I don't need a real BIOS.

Having some experience with Forth I would like to include a FORTH 
interpreter for
- interactive hardware implementation & testing via the serial port
- executing FORTH code (precompiled bytecode ?) via telecommands during 

Ideally the complete FORTH system should be in the range of 32-40 kBytes...
I'm completely new to OpenBios & FCode. Any suggestions are appreciated:
- where to start
- how to strip down the OpenBios code
- etc.

Thanks & regards,

Rolf Schroedter
German Aerospace Center
Institute of Planetary Research
D-12489 Berlin, Rutherfordstrasse 2
Tel/Fax:  (+49) (30) 67055-416/384
Email:    Rolf.Schroedter at dlr.de

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