[OpenBIOS] Update: Tokenizer Version 1.00.01 is on its way!

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Thu Sep 14 17:01:23 CEST 2006

* David L Paktor <dlpaktor at us.ibm.com> [060909 01:01]:
> I changed the Test Suite to fill those gaps (there are now 167 tests, as
> counted by the AutoExec script) and removed the dead routines (except for one I
> believe should remain for possible future use -- read the top of the Data Stack
> without popping it off). I also fine-tuned some error detection in
> "User-defined command-line compilation-control symbols" (when attempting to
> access a defined value, distinguish between the case where no value is assigned
> to the symbol versus where the symbol is altogether undefined; and identify
> multiple definitions of the same symbol).
Can you please send me this new test suite? I received a bunch of files
for a new tokenizer, which I put online, but not the test suite.

> And, as we spoke, I bumped the version number to 1.0.01
Lets stick with 1.0.1, but I'll change that in the internal tree.

Please, for future submissions, use the current version of the fcode
utilities from subversion. This greatly reduces the file fiddling work
for merges and allows to include and publish the code a lot quicker.


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