[OpenBIOS] FCode Utilities Version 1.0.2 -- now ready

dlpaktor at netscape.net dlpaktor at netscape.net
Fri Oct 27 00:16:49 CEST 2006

I am writing to announce to the OpenBIOS and FCode Development
communities that Version 1.0.2 of the FCode Utility Suite is
ready and will soon be available.

The most prominent change is that the Tokenizer's Message
format has been expanded to show the current Output Position
and, if applicable, the position relative to the end of the
most recent PCI Header (to keep in sync with Offset numbers
displayed by the DeTokenizer.)

The Symbol-Tracing feature has been changed and expanded:
Its Messages are no longer Advisories, but a class of their
own called Trace-Notes.  When a Traced Symbol is created, the
Trace-Note Message gives the new Symbol's assigned FCode Token
(when applicable) in addition to the Data-Type and Scope of
the definition.

A Trace-Note Message is now also issued when a Traced Symbol
is invoked.  Symbol-Tracing is not fooled by aliases, and a
failed attempt to create or invoke a Traced Symbol will also
cause a Trace-Note Message to be displayed. 

These expansions are based on some questions asked by one of
my colleagues while maintaining a very large and convoluted
body of Legacy code -- questions like:  "Where is such-and-so
definition coming from?"  "Which version of it is being used
here?" "How can I find where exactly that is in the Binary?"

Another change is based on the recent exchange of letters with
Rolf Schroedter concerning the use of the  emit-fcode  command.
In the previous version, arguments to the  emit-fcode  command
were limited to the range of user-defined FCodes, i.e., 0x800
to 0xFFF.  The new version permits numbers in the entire range
of valid FCodes, 0x010 to 0xFFF, which includes the sub-ranges
that are reserved for Vendor-Specific FCodes.

There are a few other changes, which are noted in a document
that accompanies the new release.

I sent the new release information to the OpenBIOS Webmaster
a few days ago; it should be up on the site very soon.



David L. Paktor
dlpaktor at netscape.net

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