[OpenBIOS] hello, first patch...

Garrett D'Amore garrett at damore.org
Wed Oct 11 07:58:00 CEST 2006


This is my first post to this list.

I'm considering a port of OpenBIOS to a MIPS platform.  (Why? 
Initially, to help with a hypothetical port of OpenSolaris to MIPS, but
I think it has other applications as well.  YAMON, the normal MIPS
bootloader on many platforms, is really, really crummy in many
significant respects.  And Redboot has its own issues as well.)  I can
see this being useful for NetBSD as well.

First target platforms would be Alchemy DBAu15xx and Cobalt RaQs,
primarily because that's what I have hardware and sources for.  (Maybe
also Atheros WiSoCs, although the information I have is less complete
for those platforms.)

Anyway, I'm very interested in this, so the first thing I did was pull
down the latest OpenBIOS to check it out.

No MIPS support.  Okay, no problem.  That's what I want to work on
anyway.  (I seem to recall seeing a post from someone else who'd done a
MIPS port.  Not sure why it isn't in SVN.)

Anyway, the next thing I discovered, is that trying to build a normal
amd64 build on my Ultra 20 running Solaris 10 didn't work.  Apparently
the code is only tested on Linux.

So I have some diffs to make it somewhat better.  Already I have diffs
for fcode-utils, and am working on openbios-devel.    What is needed to
get my diffs integrated?  What is the best way to get contributions into
the tree?  Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm _very_ new to the project.

    -- Garrett

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