[OpenBIOS] Open Firmware / Forth

William DUCK guillaume.fortaine at wanadoo.fr
Sun Oct 8 13:52:25 CEST 2006

>I saw your requests to the LinuxBIOS mailinglist and other lists before,
>asking interesting questions and never coming up with anything after
>that, so I keep this really short. If you are serious with your attempt
>come back with more detailed questions rather than a list of links.


Hi Stefan :),

I am currently a student in computer science.

Here is my ultimate goal :


Full-fledged Open Source PC based on cutting-edge stuff :

Power PC, K42 or a libOS ... on a *high-end* motherboard.

To learn only one language (powerful enough to enjoy all this computing 
power :).)  will be easier ( get rid of java and C ... ). => we need mature 
solutions from dependent type theory and CSP for massive parallelism and 

I can spend my life to support legacy stuff but this is useless, I am waiting 
the right time to start up. Geneseo Initiative, Open Game Platform, SLOF, 
K42, Y0 seem to be good start points and its only the beginning  ...


Y0:  (y-naught)  A next generation functional programming language.  The focus 
of this project is a synthesis of good ideas from the ML, Haskell,  Scheme, 
and LF communities.  In particular, we are designing a language that like ML 
and Scheme, is primarily call-by-value, but like Haskell, provides good 
support for laziness.  As in Haskell and FX, we are attempting to isolate 
effects and reflect them in the types.  As in Haskell, O'Caml, and LF, we are 
trying to push the boundaries of type systems and type inference to the next 
level.  Currently, I am working with Amal Ahmed, Mathew Fluet, and Aleks 
Nanevski on issues involving state and effects.  I am also working with 
Norman Ramsey & Paul Govereau on integrating type-classes with ML-style 

For example, I was interested in the Coyotos and Hurd project. But all this 
stuff is too much x86 related ... The K42 team spent more 9 years of work on 
this project, so we can't explore so many ways in a whole life ... That's I 
post so many links and try to see what happens. I go forward, quitely but 
surely ... :)

Best Regards,


Give me a microcontroller, then feel the power ...

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