[OpenBIOS] Open Firmware / Forth

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Oct 7 22:54:50 CEST 2006

Dear Mr. Duck ;-)

> I would want to rewrite an Open Firmware with Ficl or Factor. Will this be 
> possible ?

Depends on what your requirements are. Possible is always everything as
long as you are willing to change enough code ;)

Since there is soon half a dozen open source openfirmware, the question
is: Do you _really_ want to reinvent the wheel another time.

I saw your requests to the LinuxBIOS mailinglist and other lists before,
asking interesting questions and never coming up with anything after
that, so I keep this really short. If you are serious with your attempt
come back with more detailed questions rather than a list of links.

> Open Firmware requires Forth, and Forth is a great fit to the
> specific requirements of a boot firmware anyway.  Any language
> that needs garbage collection of any sort is right out, completely
> unsuitable.
In practice, this is pretty much true.

> Thank you for your answer,

well, .. Dont know what to say...


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