[OpenBIOS] Problem about make

dlpaktor at netscape.net dlpaktor at netscape.net
Wed Nov 22 22:08:51 CET 2006

Wei.Zhang at freescale.com wrote:

>Hi, friends,
>I'm a newbie to OpenBIOS, and I want to make OpenBIOS on cross-ppc architecture. But I got below error messages:
>Building OpenBIOS on x86 for ppc
>Cleaning up... ok
>Initializing build tree...ok.
>Creating target Makefile...runtime error: file config/xml/dictionary.xsl line 13 element param
>Unexpected XSLT element 'param'.
>runtime error: file config/xml/dictionary.xsl line 22 element if
>Variable 'conditions' has not been declared.
>make: *** [xml] Error 10
>How to fix it?
>Best Regards,
>Zhang Wei

I don't have a host-system handy on which to test, so this is just a 
guess but...

Did you remember to run  "make configure"  (or "make config" -- 
different host environments
seem to have a preference one wya or the other) first?


David L. Paktor     DLPaktor at netscape.net

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