[OpenBIOS] Sparc32 progress

Blue Swirl blueswir1 at hotmail.com
Thu May 4 21:44:13 CEST 2006

Adding device aliases helped a bit, now the system attempts to load a 

qemu-system-sparc -L . -kernel /dev/null -nographic
boot arg = 0x0

RAM 128 MB
Checksum invalid (ba854bc8)!
forth started.
initializing memory...done
Initializing SBus devices...
Initializing SCSI...done
Initializing SCSI devices...done
Welcome to OpenBIOS v1.0RC1 built on May 4 2006 21:21
  Type 'help' for detailed information

[sparc] Booting file 'cdrom' with parameters '<NULL>'

opening iommu

opening SBus
opening drive 2
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd9fe38 block=0 n=1
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd9f6f8 block=2 n=1
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90560 block=2 n=2
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd6e018 block=128 n=1
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd6e018 block=16 n=1
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd92560 block=128 n=16
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd92560 block=16 n=16
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd92560 block=0 n=16
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd92560 block=512 n=16
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=64 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=68 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=72 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=76 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=80 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=84 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=88 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=92 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=96 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=100 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=104 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=108 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=112 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=116 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=120 n=4
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd90d60 block=124 n=4
Unknown filesystem type
ob_sd_read_blocks ffd6e018 block=0 n=1
Not a bootable ELF image

Because IO is unimplemented, the ELF image is not right.

Now the device tree is flawless, including correct SCSI device names:
2 > show-devs
-2c3700 /
-2c35e4 /aliases
-2c3540 /openprom (BootROM)
-2c3398 /openprom/client-services
-2c32ec /options
-2c3274 /chosen
-2c3190 /builtin
-2c30ec /builtin/console
-2be2fc /packages
-2be008 /packages/client-iface
-2bd37c /packages/disk-label
-2bcef0 /packages/cmdline
-2bb050 /packages/deblocker
-2bad04 /packages/misc-files
-2baa30 /packages/pc-parts
-2bcad8 /memory
-2bca34 /STP1012PGA (cpu)
-2bc918 /iommu at 0,10000000
-2bc7ac /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000 (hierarchical)
-2bc59c /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/SUNW,CS4231 at 3,c000000 (serial)
-2bc47c /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/SUNW,bpp at 4,c800000
-2bc3c0 /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/SUNW,tcx at 2,800000 (display)
-2bc0bc /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/espdma at 4,8400000
-2ba8e8 /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/espdma at 4,8400000/esp at 4,8800000 
/iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/espdma at 4,8400000/esp at 4,8800000/sd at 0,0 
/iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/espdma at 4,8400000/esp at 4,8800000/sd at 2,0 
-2bbfe4 /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/ledma at 4,8400010
-2bbeec /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/ledma at 4,8400010/le at 4,8c00000 
-2bbdec /iommu at 0,10000000/sbus at 0,10001000/xxxpower-management at 4,a000000
-2bbd48 /obio (hierarchical)
-2bbba8 /obio/SUNW,fdtwo at 0,400000 (block)
-2bbac8 /obio/auxio at 0,900000
-2bba30 /obio/counter at 0,d00000
-2bb98c /obio/eeprom at 0,200000
-2bb8d4 /obio/interrupt at 0,e00000
-2bb82c /obio/power at 0,910000
-2bb774 /obio/slavioconfig at 0,800000
-2bb6d4 /obio/zs at 0,0 (serial)
-2bb5a4 /obio/zs at 0,100000 (serial)

I think the next step is to make real disk I/O (which needs DVMA 

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