[OpenBIOS] Starting QEMU with OpenBIOS for Sparc32

Armistead, Jason Jason.Armistead at otis.com
Tue Jun 6 04:42:29 CEST 2006

Sorry for such a newbie question

Can someone just give me a quick overview of the "right way" to start up
QEMU so that it will load the OpenBIOS firmware instead of PROLL, and how to
point QEMU to my Solaris installation CD image file.

Do I need any hacks / patches to QEMU to use OpenBIOS instead of PROLL ?

What debugging switches should I enable with QEMU to help me figure out why
things aren't working when trying to boot the SunOS 4.1.4 (Solaris 1.1.2)
installation CD ?

Is there a "best way" to build OpenBIOS to ensure maximum useful debugging
information is produced ?

If I'm repeating a whole lot of old questions, is there a FAQ for the QEMU +
OpenBIOS (Sparc32) combination that someone can point me to ?



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