[OpenBIOS] problem with strings

shon at soc-soft.com shon at soc-soft.com
Thu May 12 13:40:24 CEST 2005


I have noticed an abnormal behavior in the string handling. Below is the
snapshot of the same.

0 >   ok
0 > " hi" " hello" " bye" " welcome"  ok
8 > .s <8> 4005810c 2 4005800c 5 4005810c 3 4005800c 7
8 >

Above the strings " hi" and " bye" are stored at the same
address(0x4005810c) and  also " hello" and " welcome" are stored at the
same address(0x4005800c).This means that the first two strings " hi" and
" hello" are overwritten and therefore lost. Strings defined using ' s"
' also show the same behavior.

Is this an intended behavior? Please verify the same.


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