[OpenBIOS] Fw: Found a serious bug in OpenBios Tokenizer

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Thu Mar 10 14:00:45 CET 2005


* Mark W Wenning <wenning at us.ibm.com> [050307 17:10]:
> Our "OpenBIOS guy" thinks he found a bug in the tokenizer.
> Can you comment?
> What's the procedure for submitting fixes?

sorry for the late answer. The best way is to enter it as an issue
in the OpenBIOS issue tracker at


Or just report it on this mailing list.

> It has to do with  fload ;  When your source  fload s a file, that file is
> supposed to be a continuation of your source-stream.
> New definitions, as they are processed in the Tokenizer, are supposed to
> get successive FCode tokens assigned to them, starting at 0x0800.
> But when the OpenBios Tokenizer  fload s a new file, it resets the FCode
> token-number, and starts assigning tokens from  0x0800 again.  So if you
> have:
Oops. This is nasty. Thanks for spotting it. I remember resetting the
fcode number to 0x800 to allow multiple files to be tokenized in a row.
Obviously this one sneaked in.

>  I believe that moving that line to the  init_output  routine is sufficient
> to fix this bug.
It is. Commited. See
stepan at openbios.org--devel/openbios--main--1.0--patch-17 and
stepan at openbios.org--devel/openbios--xml--1.0--patch-9


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