[OpenBIOS] chipset info [please, need docs]

Gordon Freeman gorfrman at virgilio.it
Wed Jun 29 00:36:07 CEST 2005


i saw that you're writing an OpenBIOS.
I like to write hardware management code but i'm not ready for writing code 
for an "organized project" :D

However i'd like to management my chipset (sis645+sis961) but after months of 
search i have not found the datasheet or other technical doc.
I wrote to SiS, ECS (which produce my mother board) but i'm a private (and 
mainly i'm a single person) so they simply never answer me.

If you want to write OpenBIOS you need to management chipset, how do you do 
I have, for example, intel chipset datasheet but i don't think that this is 
useful for me.

THE QUESTION SO IS: have you sis645 datasheet or any sis datasheet?

I don't undestand why is possible to buy hardware without datasheet...
I'd like to use (and for "to use" i mean "to program") full capabilites of my 
chipset, i'd like to write my own SMI handler, to allow read-write from 
0a0000h-0fffffh and the other configurations that may damage my hardware :D

I hope someone answear me.
I thank every one who has read this message.

Kee Nemesis 241, gorfrman at virgilio.it

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