[OpenBIOS] Eizo 630L thin client.

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Sat Aug 6 14:36:04 CEST 2005

* Fco .J. Arias <javi at productshome.com> [050719 12:42]:
> Hello, I modified this thin client to run win98 or linux, it becomes
> with windows ce. But bios General software bios  is very bad for PNP,
> and usb, cs5530 udma, sound,acpi, .., don't work. At the moment xpress
> vga, serial, parallel, rs232, lan and other components works ok.
> Can I flash bios of this  thinclient (now a useful simple computer, very
> quiet) with OPENBIOS?
> Extract actual bios before?

LinuxBIOS has quite some success with CS5530 based systems. Please have
a look at their mailing list archive at

Once you have LinuxBIOS working, you can also try to add OpenBIOS on top
of it. We can assist you, if you want to try.

Note: it's quite some work to get video output working on the cs553x
since it uses hardware virtualization (vma) for that..  It's doable


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