[OpenBIOS] PCI Enumeration and driver Implementation

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Thu Sep 30 19:18:19 CEST 2004

Hi Viswa,

> I need to write PCI Bus Driver for MIPS Embedded Processor.  In my
> case PCI is a built-in device, need to know the details about writing
> PCI Enumeration -- i.e configuring and enumerating PCI Devices.

Have a look at the sources ;-) The PCI driver is already there in
OpenBIOS. See openbios-devel/drivers/pci.*
To get it working for a new platform, you basically need to adapt

Note: The driver does not do much at the moment. IE ROM probing does not
work correctly. See the issue tracker for more details:


Do you have OpenBIOS running on MIPS hardware? 

> Should there be any base enumeration to be written in C program if so
> where is the hook Point in Openbios kernel and then rest in Forth or
> everything (configuring, enumerating, Reading and writing) needs to be
> implemented in Forth using PCI Bus Binding according to Open Firmware.

See the existing driver. 


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