[OpenBIOS] How to enable print statement in the openbios-kernel?

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Mon Sep 13 15:05:33 CEST 2004

* Swamy at soc-soft.com <Swamy at soc-soft.com> [040913 13:52]:
> what platform are you using, what compiler?
> -I am working on Linux (x86). I am using the command "make" to compile
> the image.

So you are not cross compiling?
gcc --version

> what was the exact output?
> -If I do "make" it takes too much time to compile and will not come out
> at all for hours.
Hm. So you cannot even build all of openbios on your machine?

_Where_ does it hang? Can you provide some more details? Can you
paste the output of the build process into your mail?

Please, use snapshots from http://www.openbios.org/snapshots/ otherwise
you are working on an outdated version of the code.


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