[OpenBIOS] booting a plain binary (no fs involved)

Samium Gromoff deepfire at sic-elvis.zel.ru
Wed Mar 31 18:15:48 CEST 2004

Let`s say i want to have a following scenario:

1. create one binary ELF file containing:
	- linux kernel
	- openbios binary
	- openbios dictionary
   the ELF file should have the kernel sections before the
   openbios ones, and the entry point will be in the openbios
   code indeed (this might require to resolve any section name

2. load the whole blob into target host memory
	(no openbios involvement here, indeed)

3. enter openbios interface

4. tell openbios to jump into the kernel entry section so that
	it can take over things from this point

And the questions are:
	- is this currently possible?
	- if no, then what the first culprit might be?

regards, Samium Gromoff

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