[OpenBIOS] Fcode evaluator Information

madhu.kiran at soc-soft.com madhu.kiran at soc-soft.com
Thu Jul 22 15:38:10 CEST 2004

Please send the answers for following questions.  
1)       We need FCode Evaluator information. We are confused from the
spec about how to develop FCode evaluator for particular target hard
ware. Please share with us any documentation regarding FCode evaluator. 
2)       According OpenBIOS software, kernel developed both in C and
Forth. WE understand that C language used for generic Kernel, Forth is
for Open Firmware specification interfaces. How did you compile both
together to put on target? ( If u compile C code separately for target
by using cross compiler and  FCode translated through the evaluator how
link form between these at run time)
3)       Do you people have any contact number?
Thanks and Regards
MadhuKiran .V

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