[OpenBIOS] Re: lib.fs missing in CVS

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Mon Nov 10 23:48:32 CET 2003


good news. The fcode evaluator is working. 

init-fcode-table probably needs some work (table.fs) since iirc a
child node should be able to see fcode words defined by the parent.

At least byte-load now cleanly creates an fcode lookup table in
alloc-mem'ed memory and frees it after evaluation which it did not do 
at all before.

The verbosity of the fcode evaluator can be switched on/off with the
value ?fcode-verbose. This also enables warnings about missing words 
during fcode table initialization.

The latest code is in CVS. 

Test with following test-fcode.fs:
10 30 pci-l@
/n 8 = if
  10 34 pci-l@
  20 << or
0 byte-load

After doing a make in the toplevel, do a
make rungui < test-fcode.fs


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