[OpenBIOS] mailing list changes

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Wed Jan 8 18:15:46 CET 2003

Dear OpenBIOS readers,

due to a new installation of freiburg.linux.de the majordomo driven
OpenBIOS mailing list has been switched to Mailman, which offers some
nice features like a web frontend for administration and users, daily
digests etc..

The configuration is now pretty similar to the one used before with
majordomo, ie. only subscribers are allowed to post to the list and all
topics get the [OpenBIOS] string prepended.
As mailman requires a password for changes on the subscription, this
password will be mailed to you once per month. You can also have the
password sent to you by request via the web frontend.

Find the OpenBIOS mailinglist web frontend at the following URL:

If you experience any trouble with the new configuration or the
mailing list in general, please write direct email to me. 

Comments are welcome.


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