[OpenBIOS] Re: boy is EFI a kludge!

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at lnxi.com
Tue Aug 26 17:19:50 CEST 2003

Ronald G Minnich <rminnich at lanl.gov> writes:

> OK, looking around, it's about what I expected.
> However one thing we might be able to use: EFI is called from something
> called SAL. SAL is real low-level stuff you will never see the source to
> that does all the horrible stuff that Intel won't tell us how to do.
> You don't need EFI. You need something to link to SAL that replaces EFI. I
> think that's our hook.

As a start perhaps.   But there is only one thing I have seen that is slower
than the native L440GX BIOS.  An Itanium Box.  And judging by when the video
screen came on it looks like it was probably in that mysterious SAL code.

And while I have no problem with BIOS code taking it's time.  On a personal level
I hate to work with slow BIOS's.  And when things are unreasonably slow I suspect
that there is something that just doesn't work running in there.

So if intel won't cooperate we need to plan on reverse engineering SAL.  Unless
IA64 dies soon it is probably a worthwhile investment.

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