Chipset autodetect -- pro and con

Asbjoernsen at Asbjoernsen at
Tue Aug 26 17:19:50 CEST 2003

> Too Big. Each chipset got it's own data and specs (don't forget we're
> talking about 386, 486, LX, BX, VX, FX chipset and they got lots of
> differences) - combining them all together will give a binary file that
> will probably won't fit into the flash (not mentioning other features we
> want to have).
We aren't talking about compiling in support for all and every supported
chipsets, just making it configurable, so one could add support for more
chipsets in one binary, of course limited by size. This would for instance be
nice for admins having a large pool of computers with two different
I think this is the answer to many discussions we will probably see:
- Do we want a boot logo?
- Should it support loading the kernel directly?
- Should we support 16bit functions for compatibility
- ...
Make it configurable (tm) :)

Karl Erik Asbjornsen
karlea at

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