[OpenBIOS] PCI enumeration?

(Dave Jones) dave at denial.force9.co.uk
Tue Aug 26 17:19:50 CEST 2003

Chong Chee Yong <catz at silvermoon.com.sg> wrote:
 > > (this is all defined in the PCI spec)  To scan the PCI bus, you
 > > basically iterate through each slot, reading the device and vendor ids. 
 > > If the slot is empty you get a nonexistent value (either 0 or 0xffff I
 > > think).  There can also be bridges on the PCI bus, so you must
 > > recursively descending into those, and scan their devices, as well.
 > Haven't read the PCI bridges specs, but it seems that it is possible
 > for two unconnected PCI bus since the algorithm suggested in revision 2.2
 > Chapter 6.1 is to scan all possible slots.

I believe that this (or something similar) has been implemented on some
newer Compaq servers. There are a number of workarounds in the kernel PCI code.

If someone has access to one of these, an lspci -xxx output would make
interesting reading.


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