[OpenBIOS] sis 630 boots to multiuser from nvram from power-on

(Dave Jones) dave at denial.force9.co.uk
Tue Aug 26 17:19:50 CEST 2003

Ronald G Minnich <rminnich at lanl.gov> wrote:
 > 2) from power on, linux boots so fast that our ide hard disk is not ready, 
 >    so does not show as present. The cdrom doesn't have such a problem. 
 >    So you have to hit reset :-(
 >    This is going to mean a kernel repair possibly. Not sure. 
 >    I don't want to handle this in the traditional sleep(3) fashion. 
 >    There's way too much of that nonsense in Linux already, esp. 
 >    in /etc/rc.d/*

Ugh! Flashbacks to my Amiga 1200 days where I had a hard disk that didn't
spin up in time for the Kickstart to read it.  Later revisions of the
AmigaOS added a delay loop here.

A saner method would be to poll the IDE ports for a 'ready' signal.
But what about systems without IDE ?  We could add a timeout to the
poll loop.. Hmm, more thinking needed.

 > 3) It's only going to use 64M of ram, no matter what you put in there. 
 >    We're working on that. I've figured out how to have linuxbios
 >    pass params to the kernel. Hint: it's not something mentioned on this
 >    list yet :-)

What does /proc/nvram make of LinuxBIOS ?
Or are we not setting that up yet?


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