[OpenBIOS] CREATE in paflof

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Tue Oct 1 16:42:35 CEST 2002


I've been trying to get Bernd Paysan's Mini-OOF (find it at
http://www.jwdt.com/~paysan/mini-oof.html ) working with paflof.
Mini-OOF is a small OO-layer written in Forth which might be
interesting in regard to the package handling, which paflof
still lacks.
The example works fine in gforth, as far as i can see.

I'm using these two definitions to let mini-oof compile in paflof
without exceptions:
------- 8< ----------
: /string ( addr len n -- addr+n len-n ) tuck - -rot + swap ;
0 cell+ constant cell
------- >8 ----------

Unfortunately there seem to be several problems: 
 * the example mentioned on the page makes paflof segfault 
   at END-CLASS. 
 * paflof and gforth (ANS Forth?) seem to have different opinions
   about how to implement ['] and ' in compile mode. I.e. the following
   : defines ( xt class -- ) ' >body @ + ! ;
   leaves an xt on the stack in paflof, as ' is immediately.
 * CREATE ought to read the create-word's name from the TIB in paflof,
   Thus, CREATE cannot be used in a colon definition, as there is
   nothing valid in the text input buffer. In ANS Forth, this should be 
   possible. gforth's definition of CREATE is
   : Create  header reveal dovar: cfa, ;

Any ideas how to solve these problems are welcome..


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