[OpenBIOS] BIOS output on Video monitor

prasun kapoor prasunk at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 7 20:02:43 CET 2002

Hello All,

Right now I am involved in developement of a PC BIOS
which works fine when all output is sent to the serial
port. I am even able to tftp load binaries, including
OS binaries and execute them. 

My next concern now is to get BIOS messages out to the
Video instead of the serial port. I just want the
regular text mode 25X80 output and nothing fancy. 

I want to know what I need to do to get text frame
buffer working at b800:0000 working. Do I absolutely
need to call VGA BIOS init to get this working? 

Right now with my BIOS, the monitor does not stop
blinking its orange light and writes to b800:0 do not
produce anything, but when I insert an Award BIOS
chip, I get this blinking of monitor for some time and
then it suddenly comes alive with a beep and a green

I am wondering what does Award BIOS do to achieve this
or is it just calling VGA BIOS init? 

If someone has a code snippet or a pointer to one or
just a broad outline to what needs to be done, I will
appreciate it very much. 

Best Regards,
Prasun Kapoor

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