[OpenBIOS] Calling VGA init routine

prasun kapoor prasunk at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 6 17:02:39 CET 2002

hello all,

I am writing my own BIOS for an x86 system, and have
it running and booting an OS pretty well, as long as
everything is on the serial port. I figure I need to
call init of the VGA BIOS to have the video card

I would like to know how I can gop about doing this. 
If anyone have a code snippet, for calling the VGA
BIOS it would be great! I would very much appreciate
it if someone has this code handy or give me a pointer
to where I can find it. 

I am using an ASUS P3B-F board with ATI ( Rage II C
AGP) video card on it. 

Thanks in Advance,
Prasun Kapoor

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