[OpenBIOS] $find

Segher Boessenkool segher at chello.nl
Fri Jun 28 16:08:17 CEST 2002

> SEE still needs the word's name, which is ugly to get when you have
> the XT only.

SEE ( "name< >" -- )
$SEE ( name name-len -- )
(SEE) ( xt -- )

SEE and $SEE -- I think it's quite easy to get the word's name here ;)

(SEE) can't in general find the name.

> Even though we don't really need a fast SEE. With the word
> I posted we have O(N) instead of O(1), but this is acceptable taking
> into regard that SEE is only for debugging anyways and we have the
> sources without SEE ;)

Also true.

> > There's no need for COMPILE-ONLY wrt FCode; the FCode loader can assume
> > all FCode is legal FCode, the burden of checking is on the tokenizer.
> b(;) is a COMPILE-ONLY/IMMEDIATE word. The evaluator gets B(;)'s FCode#
> and fetches it's XT. But it of course needs to find out that this word
> must not be compiled but executed, when in compile mode.

FWIW, I'm getting rid of COMPILE-ONLY altogether; and there'll be a separate
FCode-immediate (and probably not in the word's flags, but in the fcode table).


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