[OpenBIOS] Re: Paflof update

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Thu Jun 27 18:21:37 CEST 2002

* Parag Patel <parag at codegen.com> [020627 16:34]:
> >is it legal for an fcode program to overload words defined within the
> >lower space (i.e. 0x000-0x5ff)?
> Actually, yes.  Look at the PCI bus binding for one example where rl!
> rl@ rw! and rw@ may be overridden to handle endian issues.
Hmm. Do I get this right? In this case

* we need to create a new fcode lookup table every time we run a 

* This has to happen from within the packages dictionary context,
  i.e. if we have several bus drivers, the r[lw][@!] words have to
  point to the correct words.

* We can not use defer words for this as we might have different 
  bus drivers.

Maybe we can have those words be wrappers doing ' real-rl@ execute
or something similar? on the other hand it might not be wise to work
around this.

Currently I do 
' end0 , ... to create the lookup table
this would have to be replaced by something like
" end0" $find if , else ' ferror , then 
to catch the words current version dependant on the dictionary.
hm. this will probably not make things faster...


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