[OpenBIOS] compiler speed

Klaus Seegebarth kseege at t-online.de
Tue Jun 18 13:08:30 CEST 2002

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Hi,
> I played a bit with different gcc versions on Alpha and I
> noticed that when executing the FIB test from
> http://home.iae.nl/users/mhx/fib.html in paflof, results
> are _a lot_ slower with gcc 3.1.1 than with 2.96 (SuSE 7.1
> Alpha release) Not only is the 3.1.1 binary about 20%
> bigger,
> it also 22% slower.
> Comments?

22% difference is "like nothing" for me. A factor of 10 is "a lot" for me.

Sorry ;-)



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