[OpenBIOS] Some thoughts on paflof.

Klaus Seegebarth kseege at t-online.de
Fri Jun 14 09:58:32 CEST 2002

Hello Segher, You wrote:

> > threaded, direct threaded or anything else - there could even be an OF
> > implementation that compiles to real binary code, but that's not feasible
> > for a multiplatform project...
> It's feasible, just not easy, and not all that useful either (bigger _and_
> slower code --> not a good idea ;) )

AFAIR from the discussions in the early nineties, OF should work similar 
to JAVA: either interpret the bytecode (slow/small/simple) or compile 
to native code (fast/big/complicated). 

Have a look to MPEs VFX-compilers, they are doing the latter for Forth 
and i am rather sure, that the same _can_ be done for FCode.

and in another posting:

>I (think I) have good reasons for all these design decisions...

I never had any doubts about it. Its just a fact, that i am
so stupid, that i needed some additional info to understand :-) 



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