[OpenBIOS] Defining ." and "

Segher Boessenkool segher at chello.nl
Sat Jun 8 07:32:22 CEST 2002

> > To implement S" (or C") in the interpreter, you need
> > an infinite supply
> > of temporary buffers.  Not sure how to do this...
> Well, I always thought if I tried to create such a
> string from the interpreter that it would just end up
> allocated (relatively permanently) in the dictionary.
> Otherwise, you're going to have to allocate them from
> the heap.
> One way or another they are never getting freed,
> right?

Three ways:

1) garbage collect.  ouch.
2) in dictionary or similar --> never freed
3) in "string buffers" -- either 1 or 2, but both problems
less severe.

I think I'll just not implement S" in interpreting state at all.


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