[OpenBIOS] laptop bios

Christopher Smith kegwasher at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 07:30:35 CET 2002

first post to the group sorry if this is old news.

I am looking for info on what the bios of a dell latitude 433c consists of.  
specifically, the size of eeprom I can stick in, what if any special 
functions are implemented there besides the generic ones.  I am on the hunt 
to replace the stock bios of this poor creature with one that is

a) open
b) optimized to help Linux start up
c) faster&lighter on the resources available(486sx at 33) in startup and 

I want to stuff as much as possible of the core linux/freeBSD/Xnix into a 
bios type of storage to reduce the amount of time I am using the HD.  Once I 
find I have not blown up the old dell I my get brave and think about surgery 
on the new Dell.

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