[OpenBIOS] award bios source code - end of discussion

Stefan Reinauer stepan at core-systems.de
Thu Aug 30 03:37:12 CEST 2001

* andye <awe at ftt.co.uk> [010828 11:09]:
> Please send source
> Regards

Are you able to read more than 2 lines of mail or are you not able 
to determine what mails to send to whom? 

_Any_ other Mail to this list regarding stolen protected, stolen, proprietary
source code of Award Bios or whatever software will force me to unsubscribe 
_everyone_ who asked for such from this list without any further notification 
_plus_ I will make this list moderated. I am sick of it - This is not a 
warez trader list.

If you have anything to say to the subject OpenBIOS or IEEE 1275-1994
say it. If not, listen or leave.

Best regards,
   Stefan Reinauer
   OpenBIOS project coordinator
axiom: electronic devices only work if the smoke stays inside.
proof: when smoke comes out they don't work anymore.
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