[OpenBIOS] Re: boy is EFI a kludge!

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Tue Aug 28 14:27:21 CEST 2001

> > Form and function are two sides of the same jewel in my view.
> > It HAS to look good.

> i've seen some text based interfaces that look quite good using ansi
> graphics and colord text, etc...  Just because something is text 
> doesn't mean it looks bad.  I do admit the Linux Kernel bootup is 
> pretty ugly, but I think that is more a function of it being rather 
> disorganized and chaotic.

You have successfully traced a feature of the linux operating system to
its real cause. 

You have taken your first step back towards the light side of the
source. =) (I also must congratulate you on your recognition of the
inferiority of certain bad GUIs.) 

That its Ugly bootup is a result of a chaotic kernel. 

Now lets see if you can make the next step and recognise that chaotic
software is inferior to well-orgainized software and thereby recognise
this as a fundamental flaw in LiNuKs itself. 

If you can do that I'll pronounce you cured of irrational Linux
fanaticism! =)

If your grandmother can use Linux then perhaps she wouldn't mind
admining my server/router and my workstation for me, I just don't have
the time.    http://users.erols.com/alangrimes/  <my website.
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