[OpenBIOS] [IMPORTANT] Legal Issues.

Stefan Reinauer stepan at core-systems.de
Tue Aug 28 06:39:16 CEST 2001

* Jason Gurtz <jason at tommyk.com> [010828 04:51]:
> > 7) Although we agree with the ideas promoted by the free 
> > software foundation we 
> >    do not and/or cannot necessarily agree with all of the 
> > rules set by the 
> >    foundation. In this light it could, to some extent, be a 
> > contrast of wishes to 
> >    become an offical GNU project.
> How about a BSD'ish style license?  I'm not sure how others feel about
> their code being used for 3rd party profit though.

My main concerns are not really 3rd party profits but just religious/political
decisions mady be the FSF or certain persons making decisions for FSF that do
not like the ideas for example of having virtual machine capable backends
because theoretically it would be possible to work around the GPL creating
binary drivers. Check out discussions on creating GCC backends for stack based
machines such as the JVM, as to be found on various mailing list archives of
certain gcc mailing lists.
I believe that it's our responsability to change the attitude of the people
using our work to recontribute as they use it. I don't feel like restricing
anyone, so I rather accept one or two black sheep than making a big step
backwards technology-wise or letting the whole idea of having a free and 
open source firmware go down due to problems that could be solved by leaving
behind at least a bit of religion.

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