[OpenBIOS] Re: boy is EFI a kludge!

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Mon Aug 27 23:45:36 CEST 2001

> [...]  But there is only one thing I have seen 
> that is slower
> than the native L440GX BIOS.  An Itanium Box.

I do have to say that I have a little hope for Intel.  We use the L440GX
extensivly and later versions of the BIOS seem significantly faster than
the 7th release we initialy ran.  Maybe even twice as fast!

> And while I have no problem with BIOS code taking it's time.  
> On a personal level
> I hate to work with slow BIOS's.  And when things are 
> unreasonably slow I suspect
> that there is something that just doesn't work running in there.

Absolutly, it's reminding me of windoze syndrome.



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