[OpenBIOS] award bios source code - please send requests

Stefan Reinauer stepan at suse.de
Mon Aug 27 22:52:01 CEST 2001

* Per Jessen <per at computer.org> [010827 21:37]:
> >somebody made a similar offer a long time ago on the linuxbios mailing
> >list. I checked the old emails in that concerning this. About four or five
> >people told the person we were not at all interested, since it was a
> >proprietary bios and the code probably sucked anyway (that is one thing
> >I've learned by talking to people who did have access to this standard
> >BIOSes -- hideous assembly code).
> Certainly assembler code - and not particularly pretty either. I don't see it 
> being used anywhere for anything else than perhaps a learning exercise. 

Which is indeed enough for getting sued or not being able to work on the
project. Someone described the process of reengineering the IBM Bios in the 
early 80ies some days ago on this mailing list.
The OpenBIOS project is not interested in any proprietary crap, neither from
AMI nor Award/Phoenix, nor any other commercial Firmware implementation.
The idea is exactly to do stuff better by starting a completely new
implementation based on IEEE 1275-1994. For this purpose, any proprietary 
sources are useless anyways.

Regarding the fact that this discussion appeared on the OpenBIOS mailing list I
have to see what consequences the core maintainance and development team has
to make to clarify that no work we did was based on seeing or copying 
proprietary code from whom whatsoever.

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