[OpenBIOS] Platform for the OPENBIOS question

Nicholas Charles Leippe ncl3 at email.byu.edu
Wed Aug 22 11:02:01 CEST 2001

> BTW, does the DS10 you used for your tests have a socketed flash? We have two
> here, but both have soldered SMD flash roms. Unfortunately, I did a mistake
> when I was flashing LinuxBIOS the last time. As they only do in rom FSB,
> there's no way out except calling compaq service.

For about $30 in parts and 20-30 minutes of soldering work you
can build your own flash-rom ISA card.  Search for "c't flasher".
If ppl are interested, I can dig up more links, or perhaps, if
ppl are scared off by soldering I could assemble some more myself.

I built one for myself already last time I hosed a bios (flashed
in the stupid zip file instead of the rom image--doh!) and it's
far more cost effective to just build the burner than to buy a
single replacement rom--especially since the very next rom image
I tried on that board was also a no-go.


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