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Arp Kruithof arpy at wish.net
Sun Aug 19 02:04:19 CEST 2001

Hi Bernhard,

> Do you know the ISBN of the 
> - IBM AT Technical Reference?
> Bye

Ehhrr ... don't think IBM did ISBN (at least _then_ they didn't) .... I 
ordered the book in 198? at the local IBM sales rep. at the time 
and paid dearly ($150-$200 range), but the book was fantastic (at 
the time). All electronics scematics, BIOS listing etc. even a 
complete 80286 instruction set reference included - everything I 
always wanted to know about the 'de facto industry standard' at the 
time ... Today you may be able to pick it up for $2,50 if you run into 
it on a computer 'antiques' sale but I think as a reference of the 
granddaddy of all modern PC-compatibles it's probably still 
worthwhile. Hey, who knows maybe you can even download it from 
IBM these days or order a (free?) CD with all their oldish references 
on it or so ... Intel data is available that way, why not Big Blue ?? 

Some names/numbers:

IBM Personal Computer Hardware Reference Library
Technical Reference        6280070
Personal Computer AT    S229-9611-00

It's one of the typical IBM cloth-covered-box-with-cloth-covered- 
binder with A5-ish size pages type of 'books'

If you can't find the book or if all you need is the keyboard controler 
explanation and init routines I can probably 'quote' you these for the 
sake of our technical discussion here ... just let me know.


arpy at wish.net
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