[OpenBIOS] Platform for the OPENBIOS question

Mads Martin Jørgensen mmj at suse.com
Tue Aug 21 11:04:59 CEST 2001

* Lloyd Thomson <thomson at aros.net> [Aug 21. 2001 09:49]:
> Hi all
> Maybe I missed it, but for the Open BIOS that is being discussed, is
> there a specific single board computer (SBC), motherboard, chipset (or
> ?) that the BIOS will be targeted on.

I think we would eventually want drivers for a lot of different

> My understanding is that this will be an x86 board, and it sounds like
> it will be at least partly targeted toward the game industry. However,
> since my favorite language is actually solder, I am mostly curious.
> There are a lot of chipset options out there, and each one of these
> may have a different effect on the workings and architecture of the

No, AFAIK it will be targeted to be Open Firmware compliant, and
therefore working on different archs.

But I could be wrong,
Mads Martin 

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