[OpenBIOS] New power-up graphics BIOS.

Gavin R. Brewer gavinbr at gavinbr.worldonline.co.uk
Sat Aug 18 01:23:36 CEST 2001

Guys & Gals,

I have just printed the USENIX conference notes on LinuxBIOS, and skimming
through it, I am impressed with what I see.

It would be a really good idea if a group of us were to write a new BIOS,
(Mac-style), which was very similar to LinuxBIOS, but links in with Darwin
(the MacOS-X Kernel).

If we can pull this one off, it will be a serious blow to Micro$oft. Some of
the guys in Apple will love us, since we will have finally put the last
stake into the heart of closed proprietory systems...

Let's do it folks.

All the best,

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