[OpenBIOS] Current States of LinuxBios on SiS 630

Thomas J. Merritt tjm at codegen.com
Wed May 31 14:02:55 CEST 2000

|<><><><><> Original message from Ronald G Minnich  <><><><><>
|keyboard issues: the following code hangs right now:
|  volatile unsigned char regval;
|  /* reset any keyboard interrupts ... */
|  (void) inb(0x60);

    This flushes any pending output byte (output from the PS/2 controller
perspective).  Check.

|  /* test loop ... delete this when things seem to work ... */
|  regval = inb(0x64);

    Read the status. check.

|  display("regval from kb is "); printint(regval); display("\n");
|  regval &= 4;
|  outb(0xaa, 0x64);

	Output the selftest command.  Before you do this you should ensure
that bit 1 (mask 0x02) is clear, otherwise the write of AA will be

|  while ((inb(0x64) & 1) == 0)
|    ;

    Wait for the response byte. check.  But... we need to place a
delay between each iteration of the loop.  Otherwise the PS/2 controller
(an 8048 in disguise) will be to busy updating the status register to
complete the selftest.  Depends upon the PS/2 controller though.

|  display("0x60 has "); printint(inb(0x60)); display("\n");

    Print it out.  It should be 0x55, otherwise you will need to send
the selftest command again.

|  outb(0x60, 0x64);

	Output WRITE command, we're going to send a command to the PS/2
controller.  You need to check bit 1 again before you send this WRITE command
otherwise the PS/2 controller may not be ready for it yet.

|  /* this test was 2, but it never worked, try 1 */
|  while((inb(0x64) & 1) == 0)
|    ;

	Were spining waiting for the PS/2 controller to give us a byte.
The PS/2 controller is spining waiting for us to write the command. Deadlock.
The test about really should be on '& 2'.  If it doesn't complete it is
because you didn't spin on '& 2' before outputing the WRITE command.

|  outb(0x61 | regval, 0x60);
|  /* this test was 2, but it never worked, try 1 */

	Write the command.  I'm not sure what you're attempting to
do here.  bit 6 will enable PC/XT scan code conversion, otherwise you'll
get PC/AT scan codes.  You're also enabling PS/2 keyboard interrupts bit 0.

|  while((inb(0x64) & 1) == 0)
|    ;

	Wait for the PS/2 controller to have accepted the command.  You
	need to spin on '& 2' though.

General rules for talking to a PS/2 controller.  Before writing to
either the control or data port spin waiting for bit 1 of the status
port to be zero.  Before reading the data port.  spin waiting for
bit 0 of the status port to be one.  If you know that you have a PS/2
interrupt you can break the second rule, but you should check the status
port to ensure that you don't have a suprious interrupt.

Thomas J. Merritt
tjm at codegen.com
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