[OpenBIOS] Aladdin V chipset

Jeff Garzik jgarzik at mandrakesoft.com
Wed Mar 1 11:56:37 CET 2000

"Ronald G. Minnich" wrote:
> On 29 Feb 2000, Dave Jones wrote:
> > *shock*
> > Really ? I thought Alphas only ran on their own custom buses (EV etc...)
> shock here too, but alpha mboards I used were socket-7 based ...
> > Finding someone with an Alpha to test things on would be a first step
> > though I suppose. That, and finding someone who knows the Alpha architecture.
> not a problem.
> So do we go for it?

follow the linux model:  grow when someone steps up with a patch...  I
don't think it makes much sense to do more than rudimentary work on
Alpha when (a) we don't appear to have any bigtime Alpha hackers and (b)
we don't even have X86 working yet....

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