[OpenBIOS] (some help) Fw: [AROS-Dev] i386/native status

Jaime Dias mbu at sol.com.br
Wed Mar 1 15:31:20 CET 2000

sorry in advance, but we have only one person on aros team (www.aros.org)
that is handle the x86 port, and it apears some trouble now, it's not
polite to invite developers on other projects, but i read this list for a
while and maybe there is someone who here who could help us in this issue.
port aros to x86 is very important for the project, thats why i am posting
this mail.

(ggi on gfx handle side and openbios on how treat the hardware and gfx on
other side)

> But we still don't have the most important (and easy to write
> indeed) thing - ide.hidd (ide.device scsi.device....) so we are anable to
> start system - we can add dos.library to residentlist but it will not see
> any drives. Besides vga.hidd is either buggy or missing some methods so
> can't work propertly at this moment. It do draw point but it don't show a
> window (on the other hand it can open screen and alloc colors propertly).
> The most important thing we are missing is TIME (true for me). My last
> update was due to my 1.5 week long vacation. Sitting whole nights
> (well.. not whole - only to 5 AM) at my PC, fighting with bugs and
> the hardware books - that's how I spend this time. I know many more than
> one month ago but now what I need is time. Without it I can't work.
> Tell me what the bus.hidd should do and then I'll try to write it. I have
> many hardware references at home so I can work (time, time,
> time....). irq.hidd would be very easy to write (most of it is placed now
> in exec.library, just look at config/i386-native/exec/irq.S and other .S
> files) but what we need is ready and well-described idea of it.
> If you could find something about DMA mode in all new harddrives it would
> be great... One could help Frederic with ide.device - working alone is
> much slower.
sorry bother,
jaime dias
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