[OpenBIOS] Fw: aros screen problem on x86/native

Jaime Dias mbu at sol.com.br
Wed Mar 1 15:33:53 CET 2000

> hi,
> we are having problem to put aros on native x86 i want to know if someone
> here could help.
> You cannot see workbench screen yet because its size is 800x600 so it's
> impossible to show it on vga screen (max 640x480) unless we add some
> parameters passed to LateIntuiInit. Besides there are still some problems
> with vga.hidd - it still hangs during OpenWindow. Aah! And there are some
> problems with workbench background. My hidd in PutPixel (or DrawPixel I
> don't remember now which is correct) puts color 0 (black) on the screen
> instead of the one from bitmap (don't know why - screenbar is show as it
> should).
> vga.hidd is a layer between the hardware idependent and the hardware
> dependent code
> anyhow to get the 800x600 booting generic svga cards on x86?
> thanks in advance,
> jaime dias
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