AW: [OpenBIOS] opening tgz and Tar files with winzip95 7.0

Winter Jörg joerg.winter at
Thu Mar 2 14:18:44 CET 2000

	>Help Anyone:

	>I get the following error message when using
	>winzip95 version 7.0 when trying to unzip the following file
	>stpc-bios-0.1.42..1.tgz (Error Reading  After Processing 0 Entries)

Just tried it on my Win with winzip7.0sr1. Works fine. Maybe you must
re-install win (like always)? or have a corrupt file? got it via ftp? had
"bin" switch on?? 

BTW: gnu unzip and tar are available for DOS on alot of linux distr. CD´s 
pick one an dump winzip ...

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