[OpenBIOS] Clarification needed

Winter Jörg joerg.winter at disch-gmbh.de
Sat Mar 4 02:22:46 CET 2000

> So what I am doing right now is implementing the interrupts via the
> firmware/init/irq.c capabilities so that I can get linux to come up.  
> Is this correct or should I be putting in BIOS IRQ support in another
> location (e.g. in the boot/ code)?
> This may have impacts on how Ron re-organizes things too.
> Any feedback would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Wallace

I dont have the source at hand now. But if the firmware/init/main.c is
running you are already in protected mode with all 
32bit mechanisms running. Here you are in a state where you can ignore the
bootsect.S and even the setup.S of the kernel.
just try to read the kernel off your disk with plain ATA commands and then
jump to the adress of the a symbol called "start_kernel" or something like
Sorry for the fuzzy description, but as I said I dont have the sources at
hand now ... hope it helped although ...

If you are interested in further discussion of this topic I can grab my
sources next week, let me know!

bye byte, Jake.

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