[OpenBIOS] yeeee ha!

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Mon Mar 20 16:03:24 CET 2000

(from the web page ...)


New as of 3/20/00: Success! 

We're now booting linux out of NVRAM. It gets to the point of wanting to
mount a disk, and since I have no disk attached to the motherboard it
naturally dies. It seems to
properly configure the PCI bus, and finds the Ethernet and other devices
and configures them. So now I need to go grab an IDE disk and get it the
rest of the way up ... 


Oen remaining problem is speed. I have caching enabled but it takes a very
long time to get the gunzip done. I figure there is some other bit I need
to set ... I'll do that one later. For now, it's time to attach an IDE
disk and see how it goes.


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