[OpenBIOS] POST speeds.

Ronald G. Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Wed Mar 22 21:02:03 CET 2000

for now my user interface is simple: it's linux. You get to control/config
via /dev/bios, or maybe even via sysctl and /proc/bios. To get at these
things you can come in over the net via ssh (it's linux, remember: all
things are possible), or run a TK-based tool that accesses and changes
this stuff, or use a nice GNOME thing, or linuxconfig, or emacs bios-mode,
or if you really need it have a simple command interpreter in the
kernel. But I am utterly opposed to having BIOS do full-screen junk: let
a user program running under the OS do that. 

The standard BIOS makes a total mismash of control and UI because of bad
decisions made 20-odd years ago. We can discard these bad decisions. Life


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