[OpenBIOS] POST speeds. -- OOPS!

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Tue Mar 21 23:44:45 CET 2000

> > As for the P2 bootup problems, I am almost certain the problem is that you
> > aren't switching on the L2 cache. Get the free intel manuals for more info. =)
> > (It's probably a matter of setting some funky bit somewhere)
> I'm sure you are right. I was clearing the cache disable bit but I 
>suppose there is more to do.

Oops, I was wrong you were right. I just looked it up in the manual. Chapter
8.3 describes how to enable the cache, chapter 9 describes the various caches
in detail. It says you have to clear two bits in CR0, the CD bit and another
called the "NW" flag.
	Hmm, Another thing that could be affecting your performance is wheather you
have shaddowed your ROMs? I would suppose you have thought of that already. 

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